LAMS - Learning Activity Management System

Welcome to LAMS 2.5!

New features for teachers:


Conditional lesson release

Specify if another previous lesson must be completed before a lesson becomes available to learners.

Scheduled and instant notifications

A very powerful new feature that enhance LAMS tracking and communication capabilities.

Date restrictions for lessons

Specify restrictions to finish lessons by certain deadlines.

Mobile devices support for learners

When using mobile devices LAMS displays an alternative mobile friendly UI for learners.

Lesson introductions

Create an introductory page for lessons and include an image of the design.

Ratings for Q&A and Forum

Learners can now rate each other answers and postings.

Set deadlines for activities

For each activity teachers can specify a date for completion. Past this deadline, learners cannot longer view or participate in the activity.

Assessment now implements question pools

Teachers can export and import their questions into any assessment activity and specifically select which questions to be used.

Faster Gradebook excel exports

Download gradebooks into excel for an entire course or specifically for a subgroup.

Four new tools, 400+ improvements and a lot more...

Version 2.5